My art practice began on the streets of India where I learned mehndi or, as it is more commonly known, henna—the art of my ancestors. Recently, I had the opportunity to share my creative journey & process as a guest on the podcast, Authentic Obsessions. I loved this conversation with Margret Petrie, the creator & host. I loved her questions. And the space she created for me to answer with my full self and heart. To listen to our conversation, click here —it is a portal into my process, inner joys, struggles, inspirations and obsessions. It is also a great way to  support the work of creatives like me and Margret and introduce yourself to whole new world artists.

For me, 2023 was a perfect storm of beauty & catastrophe, I never quite knew what to expect. I said a heartbreaking and out-of-the blue goodbye to my sweet Maple, who went outside to play in the backyard and then never got back up. A few weeks later, there was a fire and I said another goodbye, this time to the house that had been my home for the most ordinary and extraordinary years of my life.

I spent most of 2023 taking what always seemed like two steps forward and one step back, pouring myself into making art and writing stories whenever I could. I rehabbed my knee after being skied-off-the-hill by ski patrol, opened a Solo Exhibition, finished my first outdoor mural, traveled to India and took a job writing stories that celebrated the hard work of small business owners often facing the most difficult of challenges. I pushed myself to places I did not know I could go and in doing so, opened the door to a new year of dreaming, exploring and reimagining.

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