It is the beginning of the Holidays and a time that often, at least for me, comes with mixed emotions. Half of me wants to disappear,
 half wants to stay connected. This year, I am staying connected. This year, I am launching a New Collection of Jewelry
and offering two Holiday Chai Experiences.

Inspired by a friendship that began in 2014, my New Collection of Jewelry and Clothing is a celebration of friendship and the
joy of giving & receiving. It feat
ures my  original hand drawn Flower design and is made with sterling silver, tulsi (holi basil)
and the softest & coziest fabrics.
 I hope it inspires you to give & receive with tenderness and an open heart

During this time of giving thanks, I remember the lives, way of life and culture that was stolen— and cannot think of a better way
to honor that loss, then to share my own culture with you. So join me for homemade chai and storytelling during our
Holiday Chai Experiences on December 1st & December 8th. These events are free, virtual and open to anyone who
loves chai and immersing themselves in new experiences & cultures. Please register Here🙂 

Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to East Indian parents, I grew up disconnected from my family and immigrant roots. So after
a lifetime of studying and practicing law here in the West, I left it all behind to go to India and live with the family I had
 never known and explore the India from where I came.  While there, I fell in love with henna— the art of my
ancestors— and began borrowing from the  patterns of this ancient art form to create my own work. It is
this love and the telling of and listening to each other’s stories that has made me the artist & writer
I am today. I believe it is only in each other’s stories that we find the beauty of the
human spirit. Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays. 



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