i am a woman born a girl in dar es salaam, tanzania, east africa
i am a mother born a daughter to east indian parents each raised in
a small village in rajasthan and later in the city of mumbai

i am a sister born just 14 months earlier than my only sibling
in a home often lonely, constantly moving and oceans away from family
i am an immigrant born in africa, raised in the west
but disconnected from my roots

i am a lawyer, community activist and advocate
taught by my mother’s perseverance to raise two girls
in a country not her own

i am a mother guided by my two north stars, samara and rana
to express my truth so that they will have the courage to speak theirs

i am an artist, writer, and storyteller
inspired by my east indian roots, growing up in the west,
all things creative, travel, the sun and the moon, and 
the power of human connection


“from the studio”

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