the peace tree

 the peace tree home to the om sacred thought to be the sound of the universe the vibration of us always moving always changing always breathing as one

 shanti a call for peace swings from the branches

 om shanti shanti shanti an invocation for peace peace of mind body spirit

~bela ’16

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the flower of life

 the flower of life found me at a time of deep loss and awakening considered by many as sacred geometry,

 its beauty and power lies in the way each petal is evenly-spaced and connected in perfect symmetry

 a symbol of our universal and spiritual connection to each other and the planet earth

 its discovery, once again opened my heart to friendship and love new and old

~bela ’16

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the dragonfly

 whimsical luminous larger than life

 a messenger of change renewal discovery

 she inspires wonder curiosity

 and dares  us

 to  dig into build up and rediscover ourselves

~bela ’16

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the milwaukee skyline

“Rather than just add something to the existing buildings, I also wanted to add something to the lakefront…I have therefore worked to infuse the building with a certain sensitivity to the culture of the lake—the boats, the sails and the always-changing landscape…Ihope that…[I] have designed not a building, but a piece of the city.… Read the rest “the milwaukee skyline”