Where are you from?

here at the pfisterthey come from all overthe north and souththe east and westhere and there

3 months and 200 voices whisper of miles on the road and meetings to attendtime with family and with old friendstheir names and their stories fill my pagesthey tell of crossed borders, histories not forgotten and time gone by

“lithuania to milwaukee”“ukraine to chicago” “chicago to nashville” “italy to long island”“canada to philly”“north carolina to milwaukee and back again”“all the way from new orleans”“a thousand miles and more”

where they were born, where they have lived and where they live nowbecome the answers to my question “where are you from?”… Read the rest “Where are you from?”

Life is Art

I have been the Pfister’s Narrator-in-Residence for just shy of three months.  In that time, I have made homemade chai, the tea of my ancestors, nine times and shared it with more than one hundred and fifty people.… Read the rest “Life is Art”