A Last Gift

Stories of friendship and retirement, traveling the world, family, and the holidays fill the spaces between us.  Alyson is behind the bar. And Andrew and Joe (friends from long ago) and I are on the other side.… Read the rest “A Last Gift”

ribbons and bows

the tree fills the lobby with glitter and light

silver and gold ribbons and bows

strangers and friends meet and share stories and laughter mark the end of the year

filling the lobby with holiday cheer… Read the rest “ribbons and bows”

#giving tuesday

the giving tree to give is what we do when we love the more we love— truly love the more we give and the more we give of our   bodies, minds and hearts  the more we are open to love– true love with each other with ourselves ~bela

 Today is #givingtuesday and   Rosy, the Pfister’s Artist-in-   Residence, and I are officially   launching our “Art and   Culture”campaign and tees in   her Artist Studio here at   the Pfister from 5-7pm.   … Read the rest “#giving tuesday”