In the blink of an eye, the world changed. Schools closed. Bars and restaurants closed.  All non-essential businesses closed. And here at the Pfister so did the Cafe, Blu, the Lobby Lounge and, of course, my own Tuesday Chai.As… Read the rest “Dance”

Making Chai & Finding Home

Often times I find inspiration in the smallest of moments. Many of these moments happen when I am making chai. On weekends, I share them with my sweet Samara and Rana, making chai as I have done so many times since they were little, in either the early morning light or warm afternoon glow of the sun.… Read the rest “Making Chai & Finding Home”

International Women’s Day 2020

they stretch far into the horizon catching the sun, my hopes  and my dreams they promise of endless beginnings and  just- within-reach skies of open borders and soft   landings of freedom and choice for all the girls and women happy international women’s day this IS ALWAYS has been, and ALWAYS will be our time to fly… Read the rest “International Women’s Day 2020”