30x30x30 Exhibition

On November 30th, at exactly midnight I submitted an application to be one of 30 artists, to make 30 pieces, in 30 days in the month of January.

On December 11th, I was notified that I had been selected as one of the 30 artists to create and exhibit works for Var Gallery & Studios’
30x30x30 Exhibition 2020.

30 Artists|30 Days|30 Works. Each of my works is a hand drawn mandala and a window into the intimate moments and days of our lives. Nestled
in their very own custom built shadow boxes, each dances with memory and tradition and invites you to fall into the present, let go,
and find your center. ⁣From beginning to end, this was one of my favorite shows to create for. So much so that
I continue to draw one mandala every day as part of my daily practice. 

Although the show, which ran from Friday, May 29th – Saturday, August 8th, is now closed stay tuned for information on where they will be next,
check them out in my portfolio  and contact me if you are interested in purchasing one or commissioning a mandala for yourself or as a gift
for someone special.

Including shadow box each mandala is 6″x 6″x 6″.