A Celebration & A Reminder…

Today marked the last day of Black History Month. For many it was a celebration of their fight, spirit, and beauty. But for many more, it was a reminder.

A reminder of the struggle. That so many before us. And still now. Suffer. A reminder that there was once a time. And for some there still is. When there was no liberty. A reminder. For many of us. Of our own ease. Our own comfort. Our own privilege.

Sitting on my favorite bar stool at the end of the Pfister lobby bar, I have been reading bits and pieces of black history. Of Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermons. And Harriett Tubman’s story. And I find myself contemplating the riches that surround me. 

The Pfister, especially its lobby is known for its elegance. And its luxury. So for those of us lucky enough to be one of its visitors. Or guests. It is easy to lose ourselves in this luxury. Forgetting that its true beauty comes not from its plush leather, ornate architecture or priceless Victorian art collection, but its people.

It is the Pfister’s staff that makes it so special. They come in all shapes and sizes. From all backgrounds and in all colors. They have hopes and dreams. Talents and skills. Friends and families. And histories and stories that reach far beyond the Pfister.  

They come from humble beginnings and work tirelessly in the service of you and me. To make our time at the Pfister all that it can be. 

Every Tuesday, as I get ready to share my homemade chai with the guests and visitors of the Pfister, I am greeted by the helping hands, warm smiles and kindest of hellos from so many of the Pfister’s staff. But today, this month, I am especially grateful for the women Black History Month reminds us to celebrate and remember.

In their own words and with playful banter, respect, and love for each–

Sheena is the “people pleaser.”
Marisha, the “giver.”
Martina, the “passionate one.”
And Kayla, the “silent force.”

Between them they have given more than 35 years of service to the Pfister. They come from as far away as the Dominican Republic and as close to home as Milwaukee.

They are the Pfister. They are what makes it so special. They are who we should celebrate. And always remember.