a sea of blue

the lobby is full
 and dressed in blue

 sky blue tees
 baby blue button down shirts
 dark blue suits
 light blue polos
 navy blue baseball hats
 blue plaid
 and cobalt blue

 the color dates back to ancient   times
 it is the color of the spirits and   the heavens,
 the past and the present

 dark blue
 the color of knowledge, power,  and integrity

 and light blue
 the color of health, healing,   tranquility, understanding and  softness

 one of the three most popular   primary colors
 it lies somewhere between   violet and green on the   spectrum of light
 and is the color of the sky and   the sea

 sometimes sad, sometimes the   color of our imaginations and   our superheroes*

 the Pfister is awash
 in a sea of blue