A Song

 We have known each other for more than 20 years.
 But only in passing.
 She has been a fixture on the music scene for longer than I have known her.
 Her spirit has always soared high.

 Not so long ago we stopped just passing by.
 And found each other.
 First, as artists.
 Then, as friends.
 Now, as both.

 Her light and wisdom always warms me.

 And so on the day that she came for chai it was enough just to sit and be with her.
 In her warm embrace.

 But soon after, she sent me this.

A song.
Spontaneous and free.
From the heart.

 A song.
 That brought a smile to my face.

 A song.
 To remind me that she too had felt my embrace.

 A song.
 To remind me to keep moving forward.

 A song.
 To remind me of friendship and love.