I am an artist, writer and storyteller. I have been storytelling since graduating from law school and first becoming a  domestic violence advocate and lawyer.  As an advocate and lawyer it was my job to listen, capture, and give voice to my clients’, often intimate, stories. Listening to and capturing these stories left me in awe of the human experience and our capacity to endure when we are heard. It is this insight, understanding and sensitivity that I bring to my art and storytelling.

Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to East Indian parents but raised in the West, I grew up disconnected from my family and roots. So after six years, I  left the practice of law and my home here in Milwaukee behind to live with my family and explore the India from which I came.  While there, I fell in love with henna— the art of my ancestors. It is this practice, along with my love of words and all  things creative, that led me to become the artist and writer I am today. 

As the Pfister Hotel’s Writer-in- Residence (aka ‘Narrator’) and 2016 recipient of the Governor’s Special Recognition Trailblazer Award for Women in Business, I have been recognized for innovation and success in business and storytelling. I make art, write stories and curate experiences that explore identity, dance with memories and tradition, and tell of the times we live in.