Art. Culture. And Gratitude.

Namaste. Hands to heart. In prayer position. I open my heart. Bow to the divine in you. And remember all that I am thankful for. My family. My friends. My body. My heart. My soul. My present. My past. My history. My roots. My culture.  

In the spring of 2019, Rosy and I began our residencies here at the Pfister Hotel. I am the writer and Rosy, the artist. Since then we have honored, shared and celebrated the cultures from which we both come through art making and storytelling.

And now we invite you to join us for a special afternoon of giving, friendship, community, art, and culture this Tuesday, December 3rd 5-7pm in Rosy’s studio here at the Pfister. As we give thanks, we remember how much the Native Americans lost and work towards never forgetting, always remembering and forever honoring each others’ histories and culture. Help us raise awareness and give voice to all cultures and all art by stopping in, purchasing your ‘Culture & Art’ tees, and sharing your story. The first 25 people will also be treated to my homemade chai:)!

With enormous gratitude for the new friends and community I have gained since becoming the Narrator at the Pfister.


Me & Rosy in our ‘Art & Culture’ Tees