Never Before Seen…

'The Lotus Within the Lotus' is a collection of original drawings never before seen until now. They have been with me for awhile. But, like the lotus flower itself, hidden below the surface.

The Bittersweet Collection

The Bittersweet Collection, my newest body of work recently commissioned & exhibited, is a whimsical and delicate portrait of mother nature and the lessons she teaches about the sorrow and ecstasy that is life’s bittersweet.

Blue Lily

She called to ask about a video she saw on social media of me working on a new piece I had just begun. It lasted only seconds, but she wanted more.… Read the rest “Blue Lily”

Blue Lily

Commissions are among my favorite things, each one a labor of love. This one, Blue Lily, is inspired by a 30 year friendship, love & loss, endings & new beginnings.

The Making of the Bleeding Heart Mural

I loved painting in this alley. All day long people of different races and beliefs would walk by on their way to somewhere. Some, like the guy in this video,

The Bleeding Heart Mural

'For all the Bleeding Hearts' is a tribute to the beauty that lives inside us when we belong and the heartbreak that happens when we let go.

Relief— The Stories We Carry

Relief— The Stories We Carry, a solo exhibition, is an intimate body of work that explores the expressive potential of the human figure through a series of drawings and etchings.

A Solo Exhibition

'Relief— The Stories We Carry,' a solo exhibition is on view now through July 10, 2023 at Milwaukee’s award-winning Saint Kate Arts Hotel.

The Wig

⁣They say that things happen in threes. Or for a reason. Or for lessons to be learned. But I recently watched a reel in which Tom Hanks was speaking to his younger self and said, “ I wish I would have known that this too shall pass.… Read the rest “The Wig”

The Install

Installing my 2023 Solo Exhibition at Milwaukee's award-winning  Saint Kate Arts Hotel on view April 7 —July 10.