Days Gone By

THIS! a road trip and lifelong friendships, a rising moon and a camp fire late into the night, paddleboards and swimming, deep talks and silly ones, loons and swans, eagles and lily pads, music and memories, happiness and time with my sister.… Read the rest “Days Gone By”

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30 Artists|30 Days|30 Works

Always circular, mandalas are symbols of ritual and spirituality, unity and harmony. Found throughout the world, they draw us in and remind us that we are all connected.
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It All Matters

Last week I wrote letters to the City of Milwaukee and Village of Shorewood’s leadership, donated, protested, went to a sit-in, and watched as artists of all ages, sexes and colors painted a civil rights mural in an alley at the intersection of Locust and Holton.⁣⁣⁣⁣This… Read the rest “It All Matters”

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the sun

 the sun our most brilliant star

 illuminates the skies at dawn and at dusk

 in the north east south and west

 reminding us that change is constant universal brilliant

 bela ’16… Read the rest “the sun”

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the woman

 i am a woman i am a goddess i am a prince and a princess a king and a queen i am a woman

 you are a woman you are a goddess you are a prince and a princess a king and a queen you are a woman

 we are women we are goddesses we are princes and princesses kings and queens we are

 bela ’17… Read the rest “the woman”

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the world

 the world ours to explore see with awe take care of honor

 honor  the earth  sea all living things  each other

 with a smile hug shake of a hand spoken hello bow

 bow to each other the divine in each of us our oneness

 bela ’16… Read the rest “the world”

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