The Bittersweet Collection

The Bittersweet Collection, my newest body of work recently commissioned & exhibited, is a whimsical and delicate portrait of mother nature and the lessons she teaches about the sorrow and ecstasy that is life’s bittersweet.

Relief— The Stories We Carry

Relief— The Stories We Carry, a solo exhibition, is an intimate body of work that explores the expressive potential of the human figure through a series of drawings and etchings.

366 Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

366 Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, a solo exhibition, features a collection of 366 mandalas— drawn every day beginning January 1 through December 31, 2020— that captures the unprecedented events caused by the COVID shut down and the global & intimate stories of death, heartache, protest, inequity and triumph that was 2020.

The Earth Collection

A public art installation, is inspired by the rivers and lakes near my home in Milwaukee, WI. This work and collection is a tribute to the earth and her waters.

30 x 30 x 30

Selected as one of 30 artists to create & exhibit works for Var Gallery's 30x30x30 group 2020 Exhibition, mandalas are symbols of ritual, spirituality, unity and harmony throughout the world.

Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes is a collection of work selected for SPARK, a group exhibition curated and hosted by the Frank Juarez Gallery in 2019.

Rivers & Valleys

Selected as a visual & spoken word artist for the 2018-19 MARN Mentor/Mentee program, I created two original hand drawn works and wrote & performed two original narrative poems.