A Solo Exhibition

‘Relief— The Stories We Carry’ is on view April 7, 2023 —July 10th at Milwaukee’s award-winningSaint Kate Arts Hotel.

“Relief— The Stories We Carry presents a new selection of work that explores the expressive potential of the human figure through the artist’sdual figure drawing and writing practices.… Read the rest “A Solo Exhibition”

30 x 30 x 30

Always circular, mandalas are symbols of ritual and spirituality, unity and harmony. Found throughout the world, they draw us in and remind us that we all connected. … Read the rest “30 x 30 x 30”

Rivers & Valleys

Selected as a visual & spoken word artist for the 2018-19 MARN Mentor/Mentee program, I created two original works, Rivers & Valleys and Wild & Free and also wrote and performed for the first time as a spoken word artist.MARN… Read the rest “Rivers & Valleys”