Blue Lily

She called to ask about a video she saw on social media of me working on a new piece I had just begun. It lasted only seconds, but she wanted more.… Read the rest “Blue Lily”


VOTE because it was 100 years ago, on August 26, 1920, that women won the right to vote. VOTE because it took nearly 100 years for women to win that right.… Read the rest “vote”


shiva, the lord of destruction and creation dances in an eternal rhythm, creating and destroying, destroying and creating, reminding us that out of the broken there will come something new, something we create, let it be something good

~bela ’20… Read the rest “shiva”

the sun

 the sun our most brilliant star

 illuminates the skies at dawn and at dusk

 in the north east south  and west

 reminding us that change is constant universal brilliant

 bela ’16… Read the rest “the sun”

the world

 the world ours to explore see with awe take care of honor

 honor  the earth  sea all living things  each other

 with a smile hug shake of a hand spoken hello bow

 bow to each other the divine in each of us our oneness



 bela ’16… Read the rest “the world”