Days Gone By

THIS! a road trip and lifelong friendships, a rising moon and a camp fire late into the night, paddleboards and swimming, deep talks and silly ones, loons and swans, eagles and lily pads, music and memories, happiness and time with my sister.… Read the rest “Days Gone By”

It All Matters

Last week I wrote letters to the City of Milwaukee and Village of Shorewood’s leadership, donated, protested, went to a sit-in, and watched as artists of all ages, sexes and colors painted a civil rights mural in an alley at the intersection of Locust and Holton.⁣⁣⁣⁣This… Read the rest “It All Matters”

Along the Way

 As the country begins to open and we here in Milwaukee are faced with the confusion of our state’s Stay-at-Home order being lifted but Milwaukee’s   remaining in place, I cannot help but look back as I look forward.… Read the rest “Along the Way”

A Song

 We have known each other for more than 20 years. But only in passing. She has been a fixture on the music scene for longer than I have known her. … Read the rest “A Song”


These are my favorite jeans to wear out in the world, anywhere and everywhere. If I could, I would wear them every day.  But since the caronavirus, there has been nowhere to go and nowhere to where them.… Read the rest “#denimday”


I grabbed my keys, walked to my car under the late night sky, plugged in my phone, turned on the ignition, found my playlist “Roadtrip”and hit shuffle.… Read the rest “Shift”

Thank You

 I am doing my part. But not bravely, like the thousands of health care workers, nurses, and doctors who are on the front lines.

 I am doing my part. … Read the rest “Thank You”


I voted. But not bravely, like the hundreds of  Wisconsinites who were forced to choose between their health and fundamental right to be heard.

I am doing my part.But… Read the rest “Vote”