In the blink of an eye, the world changed. Schools closed. Bars and restaurants closed.  All non-essential businesses closed. And here at the Pfister so did the Cafe, Blu, the Lobby Lounge and, of course, my own Tuesday Chai.As… Read the rest “Dance”

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Episode 3. What can happen over a hot cup of chai.

Friends and strangers Employees and guests  Locals and visitors Immigrants and citizens Regulars and first timers Mothers and fathers Sisters and brothers Musicians, players and their fans

Talk of coming to the Pfister  for 40 years Traveling the world and  retirement Weddings and anniversaries Birthdays, adoptions and all celebrations Podcasts and art-making Shortbread cookies and Chef  Travis Happy Days and Lavern &  Shirley

 “A nice surprise when walking  around the lobby.… Read the rest “Episode 3. What can happen over a hot cup of chai.”

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#giving tuesday

the giving tree to give is what we do when we love the more we love— truly love the more we give and the more we give of our   bodies, minds and hearts  the more we are open to love– true love with each other with ourselves ~bela

 Today is #givingtuesday and   Rosy, the Pfister’s Artist-in-   Residence, and I are officially   launching our “Art and   Culture”campaign and tees in   her Artist Studio here at   the Pfister from 5-7pm.   … Read the rest “#giving tuesday”

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