Celebrating another journey around the sun with travel & homemade chai:)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to travel. No matter where I go, it brings me back to my immigrant story. I was born on April 3rd in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. My first trip was with my parents in my mother’s womb when they left their home and family in India to travel to Africa. My second was before my 1st birthday when we migrated from Africa to London where my sister was born and we lived until I was 8. Then we packed up again, this time our destination the United States of America. We landed first in Cleveland, Ohio but less than two years later moved to Houston, Texas. In between each of these moves, we traveled to India once or twice to meet the family we had left behind. Travel is complicated. Especially now. With Covid and War. We are further apart. But travel breaks barriers and brings us together. It is in my bones. It stirs my soul and makes me feel at home. This April 3rd, I was able to mark my next journey around the sun with Samara and Rana traveling by trains and planes and immersed in the history, art and culture of life abroad.⁣

I know how lucky I am to not only be able to travel but to have this community of friends, family and art & culture lovers to come home to. So I would love to see you today, May 1st, at En Pointe Gallery and Gifts for chai, good conversation and great art:)⁣