Episode 2. Did you know that the Pfister has its very own Holiday Market?

A Holiday Market like no other.
Set in the beauty and majesty of the Pfister Hotel. 

This Weekend!

December 14th


December 15th

Featuring 60 local artists, including a few of the Pfister’s very own. Selling everything from one of a kind, original works of art to organic dirt.

Curated by local artist & founder of the marketplace, Renee Bebeau. She remembers how it all started. It was 5 years ago. Todd Mrozinski, her husband, was the Pfister’s Artist-in-Residence. And the business that had occupied the space that is now Allen Edmonds for 40 years had just left, leaving it empty. 

They filled it. Renee and Todd. With inspiration. With beauty. With all things one of a kind.  With 100 local makers and artists. With the spirit of Milwaukee.

And that spirit. Of community. Of art. Of creativity. Of entrepreneaurlism. Of the holidays. Of giving. Lives on. In today’s market.

So stop by this weekend. Sit by the fire. Take in the grandeur of the Pfister’s Christmas tree. Wander in the luxury and warmth of the lobby and mezzanine. Share your story. Listen to theirs. The makers and the creators. And celebrate. Love. Friendship. And the Season of Giving.

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Me & Renee:)