Holding On, Letting Go & Starting Again…

He graduated on Sunday. And she graduated two years ago during Covid. This was our first graduation as it should have been. It was all the things you would expect. Tradition and pomp & circumstance. Caps & gowns. Sisters & brothers. Graduates & their parents.⁣ Letting go & holding on.⁣
I love this picture of me and Rana taken a month or so ago just before Prom. I am saying “Just one more.” He is saying “No, I am done.”⁣
I laughed as he let go and I tried to hold on. Because between those two things, letting go & holding on, I felt so much love, hope & joy.⁣
For me, Samara and Rana’s new beginnings are also my own. And although I do not know exactly where they will take me, I do know that I am letting go & starting again.⁣