‘Tree of Light’
10′ x 10′ Mural

For your very own mural created just for you and your space, please contact me.


“The blank wall of the space has been calling to come to life since the inception of MyOm. But what could inspire imagination,
embody dynamic synergy, offer a sense of support, and feel like a loving embrace, shelter, opportunity and grace? Creation
through meditative process seemed like a perfect means to this revelation. Bela’s heart poured through her hands as I
witnessed The Tree, fed by her passion, grow on the wall these last few months. I am grateful to have been part
of this experience and invite you to come together in the Light- as we are one.”

~Traci Schwartz
Founder & Owner of MyOm Wellbeing


The Tree of Light Mural
MyOm Wellbeing, Milwaukee, WI