The Flower Charm





“A language of deep symbolic meaning is spoken in the exchange of flowers.”

Introducing a one-of-a-kind sterling silver charm featuring Bela’s original art— the Flower, is hand drawn in honor of  the tenderness, love and friendship that the giving and receiving of flowers represents.

Inspired by a friendship that began in 2014 between Bela and Christy, the owner and designer of Bali Malas, when their tents were serendipitously placed next to each other at a show in Tahoe during an unprecedented four days of torrential rains and mountain weather. Not to be deterred by the storms, Christy and Bela began a lifelong friendship that took them on the road across North America selling and sharing their original art and designs with people from all over the world for years to come. Created in celebration of and gratitude for the trust, memories and friendship that comes when you open your heart and share it with the ones you know, both near and far, and the strangers next door.

Each Charm may be purchased on its own or with a Mala (a necklace) made with tulsi or holy basil (a sacred plant in India) and your choice of sterling silver or  sterling silver and onyx. Each is made by hand and blessed in Bali, Indonesia.

Malas are necklaces or garlands strung together with beads used throughout the East, most especially in the Hindu and Buddhist cultures, as a meditation tool. Similar to the Christian rosary, malas are used for prayer and traditionally made with 108 beads— a number revered in the East as deeply spiritual and auspicious.


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Flower Charm, Flower Charm Mala with Tulsi and Silver, Flower Charm Mala with Tulsi, Silver and Onyx