Signaling History

It was in India almost one year ago when I first learned about the Shorewood ‘Signaling History’ Public Arts Project. It was close to 5am at my family’s home in Mumbai when I hit send— I had pulled an all-nighter, along with my neice Kushi who was also working late into the night, in order to get my application in on time. This is my first public arts commission. It takes me back to India, my family and my roots. With the lake on the East and river on the West, it is a celebration of Shorewood’s rich and diverse landscape and its multicultural, multiracial, and multigenerational community. 

It is going to be a lovely weekend. Please consider taking the walking tour to see all eleven Signal Light Boxes, including mine which is located on the far south side of Atwater Park:)

Thank you Village of Shorewood, Wisconsin, the Public Arts Committee, and Ken Payne for sponsoring this light box!