So many stories…

There are so many stories still yet to tell. Stories about the watering of the piano in the lobby lounge and the citing of Donna Summer a long time ago. Stories about the Pfister’s many super stars and its regulars finding home. Stories about family reunions and lifelong friendships, solo travel and far away  places. Stories of resilience and hope. Of happy and sad. 

Stories about the ones who greet you and the ones behind the scenes. The ones who take your bags and the ones who check you in. The ones behind a  desk and the ones in the kitchen. Stories about the kindness of strangers and their daily acts of service. The ones who pamper, serve you coffee and mix your drinks. The ones who clean your room and the ones who keep you safe.

Stories of art and inspiration, of chai and belonging. Stories that I looked forward to at the start of every day. Stories that shaped and brought me so  much joy along the way. Stories of a virus that changed our day-to-day. And stories of memories that will forever stay.

For all of my friends at the Pfister. From my heart to yours, for a year I will never forget.

Thank you.