Taste the Sweetness

For some reason this Louise Erdrich quote reminds me of travel. Perhaps it is because I am missing my time here at the Pfister with guests and travelers from near and far. Perhaps it is simply that I miss travel itself— because in times of solitude, it has so often been my best friend and faithful companion.

Yes, travel is risky. Sometimes it can break you and sometimes it can swallow you up. But when you are traveling. When you are at a place like the Pfister. You are never alone. The places and the people change you. They make you feel something and leave their mark.

So during these COVID days when it sometimes seems that the days are falling all around me and wasting away, I dream of travel and of being in places like the Pfister again. And I remember that I have traveled to as many places as I could and look forward to the day when I can travel and “taste the sweetness” once again.