Tea is not just tea.

Tea is not just tea …
When someone asks “drink tea”
So just do not ask him
 Milk, sugar and tea leaves
 Made to boil
 For a cup of tea.
He asks …
Would you like to share
Some sweet sweet memories
Some teaspoon bitter
Sad things ..!
he asks for..
Would you like
Share me some of your
Experience, some hopes from me
Some new expectations ..?
That one cup of tea
He wants to share
That moment of your life
What is untold from you
Dastan which is unheard of
She wants to say ..
How many tales from you
Did not hear
Never ever ..
A cup of tea
With your those broken
And the finished dreams
one more time
Wants to live
That hot tea cup
With the rising smoke
Some moment your
Everyone wants to blow
With two cups of tea
Maybe things
Do two strangers
As much as
Not even among the people.
Just when someone asks
Next time you
“Tea will drink ..?”
So yes by saying
Share it with
Your sweet sweet memories
And tea leaf bitter
Bad things .. !!
Tea is not just tea …!

~Poet Unknown

My spoken history. Passed down through the generations. Across borders and open waters. A poem of my past. And of my present. Of my roots. And of new beginnings. A poem of what always has been.  And what always will be. A poem of my truth. And my whimsy.

Join me for “Homemade Chai ” on Tuesdays 10am-noon in the Pfister Lobby. Because, “Tea is not just tea:)!”