The Fall Equinox

One of my favorite moments in the process of creating, second only to finishing a drawing or a story, is seeing my work come to life at the press check of a new collection. Screen printing is a meticulous, often under-appreciated, process— an art form in and of itself.

Tomorrow, Tuesday September 22nd, is the Equinox. One of two days when the sun shines directly upon the equator. When the day equals the night. When the darkness equals the light. When everything is in balance. And we have an opportunity to reflect on where we have been and look, with intention, to where we are going. To take the light, find our center and re-imagine our purpose and our life’s path.⁣ ⁣ In a year that continues to challenge our individual and collective spirits this collection, featuring The Sun, The Woman, and Shiva, is an offering of hope and a call-to-action to VOTE and be heard.

Check out my new collection here.