The Medicine Chest

 Whispers of ancient history and never forgotten folklore.
 Of far away lands and fisherman lost at sea.
 Of healing the body and feeding the soul.

 The root for all ages.
 For ancient and modern times.
 For here and now.

 For energy and balance.
 For clarity and strength.
 For wellness and healing.

 Ginger is said to be an entire medicine chest in and of itself.  A well known remedy for travel sickness, nausea, and indigestion, it also removes toxins,
 relieves joint pain, and can help fight the flu, alleviate coughing and so much more.

 Every Tuesday morning, for the better part of my residency, I would arrive in the Pfister’s executive kitchen to find this super spice waiting for me— a   root from the earth, fresh, and full of promise for the new day. 

 Peppery and slightly sweet, I cut, crushed and added this holiest of spices to the water on the stove.  I gave it time to mix with the other ingredients. To   share its wisdom and lift them up.  And when it was done I took this wisdom and poured a cup of tea. One that relaxed the mind and warmed the heart.   One that brought creativity, love and light.