Last Call

It is loud. Not a quiet kind of loud. But a loud, loud. It happened about an hour and a half ago, maybe a little longer. In a matter of minutes the lobby bar filled with a healthy mix of men and women, young and old, wearing suits and t-shirts, fancy dresses and everything in between.

Kelly and Addy are hustling. Perry is playing piano in the background. But you can barely hear it over the sound of their voices and laughter. The blue suits are gone. Replaced with a bright salmon blazer, a dash of pink, and a touch of white.

People come and go. Ordering one, two, nine drinks at a time. Beers and Old Fashions. Bar snacks & more. Strangers hug like old friends. And old friends carry on like they have not seen each other in years.

The last ball at the Brewers/Reds game has been thrown and the team is now in the lobby. The banter continues. And the salmon blazer, dash of pink and touch of white are back. But the music has stopped, the lights are up and last call has been called.

Some have been here for too long. Some not long enough. But they all want more.