A Conversation: The Arts + Civic Life


I am honored to be a part of this conversation. With the election only 18 days away, a constant cycle of polarizing news, and fear instead of hope driving so many of our conversations, I am looking forward to a hopeful, honest, and inspiring conversation about the arts and civic engagement. Please consider joining Tomorrow, October 16th, at Noon (Central Time).

Thank you Dan Grandone for the connection and MacArthur Antigua for the invitation. Please also mark your calendars for Gallery Weekend starting to-
morrow @ 5pm. Message me if you would like to schedule a socially distant, safe visit to my studio to check out my newest work. I will have samples of the new VOTE collection that you can try on for style and size, as well as a limited selection of tanks, tees and hoodies from my previous collections, limited edition prints, original art, greeting cards and books all perfect gifts either for yourself during these trying times or for a loved one.