Uncertain Times

I must have had a bad dream. Because I woke up unsettled. Not just a little bit. But a lot. Like the world had come to an end.
Maybe that is because we are in less than uncertain times. Maybe it was just my dream. 

But whatever the reason, all I wanted to do was run. Run from my dream. Run from the world. Run from that feeling.  And so
I threw on my running shoes, grabbed my head phones and ran. I ran in the quiet of the rain. And in the damp cold of
the morning air. I ran for what seemed like forever.  And because that still was not enough, I ran, side by side with Maple,
my bigger-than-life rescue dog,
even further.

We ran to the lake where the beach and the path down was empty. We ran together until I could set her free. And then she ran.
Over the rocks and weeds. The wet sand and washed up debris. To the edge of the water and back again. To me. 

Today, Maple was not only my best friend but my best teacher. She reminded me to be patient and kind, love unconditionally
and make the most of the days when I can run free.