so many stories…

 there are so many stories still yet to tell… stories about the most extraordinary of people people who, if you asked them, would think of themselves as not much more than ordinary…

 stories about the watering of the piano in the lobby lounge and the citing of donna summers a long time ago…

 stories about the pfister’s many super stars and its regulars finding home…

 stories about family reunions and lifelong friendships solo travel and far away places…

 stories of grief and sadness resilience and hope…

 stories that have filled my pages with their names and where they are from

 so many people and so many never-to-be-forgotten moments…

 so many beginnings that will live on  long after my year at the pfister has come and gone…… Read the rest “so many stories…”

Along the Way

 As the country begins to open and we here in Milwaukee are faced with the confusion of our state’s Stay-at-Home order being lifted but Milwaukee’s   remaining in place, I cannot help but look back as I look forward.… Read the rest “Along the Way”

A Song

 We have known each other for more than 20 years. But only in passing. She has been a fixture on the music scene for longer than I have known her. … Read the rest “A Song”

Happy Mother’s Day!

  i am a woman  i am a goddess  i am a prince and a princess  a king and a queen  i am a woman

  you are a woman  you are a goddess  you are a prince and a princess  a king and a queen  you are a woman

  we are women  we are goddesses  we are princes and princesses  kings and queens  we are


The Pfister Hotel has had a long tradition of celebrating mothers everywhere.… Read the rest “Happy Mother’s Day!”


These are my favorite jeans to wear out in the world, anywhere and everywhere. If I could, I would wear them every day.  But since the caronavirus, there has been nowhere to go and nowhere to where them.… Read the rest “#denimday”


I grabbed my keys, walked to my car under the late night sky, plugged in my phone, turned on the ignition, found my playlist “Roadtrip”and hit shuffle.… Read the rest “Shift”


milwaukee a diamond in the rough where the water runs free in our rivers and our lakes east and west north and south milwaukee a city in motion and rich with   color blues and greens yellows and browns  blacks and whites milwaukee a secret treasure lost and found milwaukee  a city of the past and the  future milwaukee  a city of beauty art history industry  culture and heart milwaukee

Celebrating Milwaukee Day— a celebration of Milwaukee and all the people, places, and businesses living and working in and around our 414 area code that make it special:)! … Read the rest “#414MilwaukeeDay”

Thank You

 I am doing my part. But not bravely, like the thousands of health care workers, nurses, and doctors who are on the front lines.

 I am doing my part. … Read the rest “Thank You”


In the blink of an eye, the world changed. Schools closed. Bars and restaurants closed.  All non-essential businesses closed. And here at the Pfister so did the Cafe, Blu, the Lobby Lounge and, of course, my own Tuesday Chai.As… Read the rest “Dance”